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Dr. Fox™ Laboratory

: Lego
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  • item: 41454
  • Theme: Dr. Foxâ„¢ Laboratory
  • Pieces: 359
  • Age: '6-12
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  • Head to Dr. Fox’s Laboratory for adventures and experiments in sparkle dust!/li>
  • Enter Dr. Fox’s Laboratory at the castle to perform all kinds of sparkle dust experiments using the sparkle matter scanner, examination table, robotic arms, horn polisher and shrinking ray gun./li>
  • Create endless experiments with the LEGO® Unikittyâ„¢! 41454 Dr. Foxâ„¢ Laboratory, making sure there’s always plenty of sparkle matter to go around! Stand Rick in the scanner and extract his sparkle matter to put back in the canisters. Examine Unikittyâ„¢ on the table and then lift her off using the robotic arms. Make sure Prince Puppycorn's horn is super shiny with the horn polisher, then help Dr. Fox and her robotic helper log all her findings on the board. And when sparkle dust is running at a low, shoot it out using the amazing shrinking ray gun!/li>
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  • • Includes buildable Dr. Foxâ„¢, Unikittyâ„¢, Prince Puppycornâ„¢ (with special decoration to show he has been ‘experimented on’) and Robot Helper figures, plus a Rick figure. • Features Dr. Fox’s laboratory including a sparkle matter scanner with conveyor belt function, control panel with screen, posable robotic arms, examination table with tipping function, rotating canister holder, movable horn polisher, movable lights and opening drawers, plus Dr. Fox's shrinking ray gun. • Accessory elements include chemical bottles and canisters with sparkle matter. • Perform experiments on Unikittyâ„¢ and all her friends with Dr. Foxâ„¢ in her incredible lab. • Use the scanner to extract sparkle matter into the canisters and then send it back down the conveyor belt. • Stand Unikittyâ„¢ or Prince Puppycornâ„¢ under the horn polisher to make sure their horns are super shiny! • Move the robotic arms to grab the figures and hold them in place on the examination table. • LEGO® Unikittyâ„¢! sets are easy to build and perfect for recreating the magic and sparkle of the TV series at home. • Dr. Foxâ„¢ Laboratory measures over 3” (10cm) high, 11” (30cm) wide and 3” (9cm) deep./li>
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