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Bubbles' Playground Showdown

: Lego
$ 39.90
  • Item:41287
  • Theme:Bubbles' Playground Showdown
  • Pieces:144
  • Age:'6-12
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  • Help Bubbles defend the playground against Princess Morbucks!
  • Hop on the merry-go-round and take a spin through Bubblesâ„¢ Playground Showdown, featuring a mech suit, merry-go-round, lockers, lunch bench with catapult, 2 minifigures and an Octi figure.
  • Help the Powerpuff Girls defend the Townsville playground from Princess Morbucks in this fun LEGO® The Powerpuff Girls 41287 Bubblesâ„¢ Playground Showdown! Climb the ladder and zoom down the rainbow slide before you race to the lunch bench and load up the catapult. Take a spin on the merry-go-round with Bubbles and then tuck Octi into one of the lockers for safety. Put a cell phone into the boombox for some music while you play, but be careful; Princess Morbucks has climbed into her flexible mech suit and is bending down to take aim at you! Who will become leader of the playground?
  • Stage a LEGO® The Powerpuff Girls 41287 Bubblesâ„¢ Playground Showdown against Princess Morbucks! This fun set features a brightly colored spinning merry-go-round, rainbow slide with ladder, fully articulated, flexible mech suit with removable power gloves and 2 stud shooters, plus lockers with opening doors and a lunch bench with a catapult. 2 minifigures and an Octi figure are also included.
  • • Includes 2 minifigures: Bubbles and Princess Morbucks, plus an Octi figure. • Features a fully posable, flexible mech suit with removable power gloves, 2 stud shooters and space for a minifigure. • This fun childrens toy also includes a slide with ladder, spinning merry-go-round with space for 4 minifigures, plus a lunch bench with catapult and lockers with 2 opening doors. • Load a sandwich or milk carton element into the catapult and push down the front to launch it at Princess Morbucks. • Push the lever to fire Bubblesâ„¢ aura power shooters at Princess Morbucks. • Flick the lever on the mech suitâ„¢s stud shooters to launch studs at Bubbles or Octi. • Sit Princess Morbucks, Bubbles and Octi on the merry-go-round and go for a spin! • Accessory elements include 2 cell phones, money bill, Bubbles' aura power shooters, Princess Morbucks' power gloves, 2 sandwiches and a milk carton, plus a buildable boombox. • Play out fun adventures from The Powerpuff Girls TV series. • Flexible mech suit with Princess Morbucks measures over 4 (12cm) high, 3 (9cm) wide and 1 (4cm) deep. • Slide measures over 1 (4cm) high, 3 (8cm) wide and 1 (3cm) deep. • Merry-go-round measures over 1 (3cm) high and 2 (6cm) across.
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