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Two-Face Double Demolition

: Lego
$ 89.90
  • Item : 70915
  • Ages : '9-14 Years
  • Theme : Batman Movie
  • Pieces : 564
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Two-Face™ is demolishing everything in his way with his awesome excavator. Jump into the cockpit of the Batcycle with Batman™ and race to stop him—you must get there fast before the GCPD officers get lifted up in the giant bucket! Just like Two-Face himself, the excavator has a ‘good side' and a ‘bad side'. Swerve the dangerous spikes on the wheels on the bad side and dodge the 6-stud rapid shooter. Fire back with the Batcycle's rotating double stud shooter and rotating flick missile shooter! Beware of Two-Face’s tommy gun and take down that Super-Villain with Batman’s 2 Batarangs!


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